Aloha Stranded Ohana,

for the first time our Brand We Stranded is offering Mixing & Mastering services to the public at a professional affordable cost. We do not provide the hook up cost but provide the absolute best service. After years of working on record 17 years as a engineer, 4 years as an Artist in the industry creating compelling and best clarity for audio, we have been so fortunate to Master. Allow us to bring the professional unique quality to your next Music Project. No we do not just send you a song and expect it to be finished, we allow up to three reference copies and editing prior to a FINAL MASTER with no additional cost. What has been learned in all the years of Audio Recording is compassion for creative integrity is a must. If you choose us you will not need to worry about an impatient or inconsiderate engineer rushing you to get your song done. Each song has the brand and Owners name on it, with that comes the responsibility to provide the best quality you deserve. Book We Stranded for your next project. We have Kama'aina Price & Out of State price. Look forward to your email of interest!